Russell Fry

Russell Fry worked in the security tech industry before becoming a freelance journalist. Now, as a freelance copywriter, he has written hundreds of articles covering the latest trends in the tech industry around the globe.
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Best IoT and Smart-Tech Products of 2019

The Internet of Thing (IoT) has become a pivotal instrument in both the private and commercial sectors. IoT technology is firmly rooted in all we do. With so many IoT products out there, it’s important to know which products actually add value to our lives. This article lays out the top IoT trends of 2019.…

By Russell Fry 6th May 2019

Liquid Cooling Systems for Gaming Machines: A Guide to Overclocking and Keeping Things Cool

It wasn’t too long ago that PC-gaming enthusiasts had to invest in specialized water cooling systems to keep their powerful processors from overheating. Before that, gamers and anyone else operating computers with powerful CPUs either purchased secondary CPU fans or merely used a small portable fan. Liquid-cooling systems were developed to compensate for the inefficient,…

By Russell Fry 25th April 2019

Are You a Hardcore Tech Junky? A Tech Loot Guide to Pursuing a Tech Career

Experts throughout numerous fields of study are all echoing similar sentiments: if you want a solid career, tech-related industries are the best way to go. In this article, we at Tech Loot have mapped out a short, simple, yet concise guide to choosing, pursuing and entering a tech-related career. Silicon Valley is one of the…

By Russell Fry 17th April 2019

VPN Tutorial: A Complete Virtual Private Network (VPN) Guide

In this tutorial, we’ll go over what virtual private network (VPN) is, why it’s essential to use one, and how to correctly set it up.

By Russell Fry 26th October 2018

Dell Inspiron 7000 Gaming Laptop Gets the GTX 1060 4K Upgrade

If you have been looking around for a pretty nice midrange laptop to game on, you might want to have a look at Dell’s Inspiron 7000 gaming series.

By Russell Fry 4th October 2017

YouTube’s New “Shared Tab” Now Available to the Rest of the World – Ya!

YouTube has finally added a nifty mobile-only feature giving you the option to share a video with friends and then chat about it privately in your very own thread.

By Russell Fry 8th August 2017

Will Sony Release Thier PS5 Soon?

Here’s what we can expect from the latest in Sony’s line of gaming products.

By Russell Fry 6th July 2017

Could AI Ever Really Become Like V.I.K.I.?

Stephen Hawking, the famed physicist, issued humanity a stark warning concerning the fast advances in AI technology.

By Russell Fry 1st July 2017

The OnePlus 5: An iPhone Contender That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Let’s take a quick look at one of the favourite iPhone contenders on the market.

By Russell Fry 25th June 2017

Moving from an Era of Smartphones to Superphones: How AI Is Revolutionising the Phone

Thanks to the application of AI technology integration into smartphones, these already cool gadgets are beginning to take on a life of their own.

By Russell Fry 22nd June 2017

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