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Chrome Introduces Password Manager to Prevent the Use of the Same Passwords

We’re all guilty of poor password management, with the majority of us using the same password for every login we use, with only a few extra numbers plopped on the end for marginally better security. In fact, many of us…

The Most Anticipated Game of 2018: Everything We Know About Spider-Man

Whether it’s movies, graphic novels or television shows – there is no denying the worldwide appeal for the superhero genre. Loved by both adults and children alike, our love of superheroes transforms our imaginations into universes where the impossible happens…

New Fortnite Limited Time Event Set to Revolutionise Gameplay

There’s no denying that battle royale games are immensely popular, but much like that must-have Christmas toy that morphs normal adults into absolute psychos for a toy that gets discarded before your New Year toast, that popularity is doomed to…