Prey PC Review

Prey PC Review: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About the Long-Awaited Remake

Fans of the original game have been waiting patiently for over a decade, but Arkane Studios finally released the remake and we bring you a detailed Prey review today. It takes first person shooter games to the next level as many gamers who’ve been playing it non-stop recently will tell you.

At the heart of the game its DNA feels a little like Deus Ex, Dishonored, and Bioshock along with a few others. If you loved them, there is no way you’ll want to put Prey down. Even though the game shares similarities with your other favourites there is something unique about it.

A Quick Look at the Prey Storyline

Prey Morgan Yu's office

Your name is Morgan Yu. Unfortunately for you, you know nothing about your location or why you’re there in the first place. You have lost your memory and you’ll need to work everything out on your own. If you could remember you would know you were onboard a space station called Talos-1.

It’s not only you onboard as Talos-1 has been overrun by dangerous monsters called Typhon. You’re not just trying to do everything within your power to escape from Typhon. In fact, the opposite is true and you’ll need to kill them all before they have the chance to leave the space station and reach earth.<

The Atmosphere is Creepy and Interesting

Prey tunnel roaming

Prey begins in a slow and trippy way where you find yourself in an apartment. Once the fuzziness disappears it doesn’t take long for the creepiness to set in. This is because the Typhons you’re up against are terrifying and you’ll never really know where they could be hiding – lesser enemies called Mimics can do exactly what their name implies – take shape of any object in the room and try to catch you off-guard, which makes it all more interesting when exploring new areas as you can never tell the difference between a regular object and a Mimic before they attack.

prey greenhouse shotgun

It’s highly interesting because the space station is so large. There are plenty of places where you’ll have to search around. As you progress in the game and your abilities increase it also adds a new element to the gameplay. The game slowly expands and you must be ready for it.

You’ll Enjoy the RPG Elements of the Game

Prey neuromods menu overview

It’s not all about running around shooting monsters. When playing the game, especially on a harder difficulty level, it’s quite evident it’s more focused on how you’re going to survive. All nooks and crannies will need to be examined carefully to make sure you pick up everything possible that can help you.

You’ll probably find it’s a bit sluggish until you delve more into the game and start upgrading your character. A lot of these elements are seen in the similar games we’ve mentioned before, but it won’t ruin your experience as they’re not completely identical.

The Sound Effects are Hard to Beat

prey greenhouse qbeam

When you’re playing these games you need the sound quality to be superb, because it has a huge bearing on your experience. Prey delivers massively in this area, but make sure you turn the music up if you want to be creeped out even more as you progress through the game.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. You’ll feel tense when walking around and it’s possible you will jump a few times – I know I did. Even when you’re exploring, the steam spewing in the distance and creeks as you’re walking around make it completely realistic.

Quality Graphics Bring Prey to Life

Prey using lure to catch Typhon

There are both good and bad points when it comes to the graphics. On the plus side, every environment you’ll find yourself in looks stunning. It’s obvious the developers spent a lot of time building the world everyone would be amazed by when staring at the screen.

When it comes to the character model animations they’re erring on the side of awkward. It’s not that they are too bad, but I’m sure you’ll have seen better. The environments are a tiny bit bland too, even though they look stunning graphically, but you still won’t get bored of them.

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