Get Ready, Gamers: Intel Announces New Core X Processors Release, Promises Faster Speeds

At Computex on May 30th, 2017, Intel announced that they will be putting out a new family of desktop processors called “Core X”.

Computex 2017 Update: AMD’s ThreadRipper Will Be Launched This Summer

This summer, a 16 Core ThreadRipper with 64 PCIe Lanes will be released as an update to AMD CPU.

Winners Edition: The Best Gaming Graphics Cards of 2017

Here is Tech Loot’s list of the top graphics cards in 2017 for die-hard gamers who demand only the best in every category.

AMD Radeon RX Vega Announcement to be made at Computex May 31

It seems that AMD’s launch of new products which include Radeon RX Vega and X399 platform for HEDT processors is now official. AMD is expected to address the press and its fans on May 31 at Computex where it’s expected…

PC Gaming Show Returns to E3 2017

It’s great to hear that the PC gaming show is returning to E3 for the third time in three consecutive years. About the Show The PC Gaming Show is a popular event that focuses on hardware and software for gaming…