EA Teases Origin Access Premier, Quietly Shuts Down On the House

Fans of free games are going to have to suffer through a world where EA no longer hands out their legacy titles for free. It’s little surprise that the service has gone away, given how they seem intent on folding…

What Does The Lord of the Rings Have in Common With Chicken Slaughter?

When it comes to Lord of the Rings, the idea of orc slaughter is more likely to come to mind that the idea of chicken slaughter, yet that’s all about to change. Yes, LOTR fans everywhere get set to rejoice,…

The Most Anticipated Game of 2018: Everything We Know About Spider-Man

Whether it’s movies, graphic novels or television shows – there is no denying the worldwide appeal for the superhero genre. Loved by both adults and children alike, our love of superheroes transforms our imaginations into universes where the impossible happens…

New Fortnite Limited Time Event Set to Revolutionise Gameplay

There’s no denying that battle royale games are immensely popular, but much like that must-have Christmas toy that morphs normal adults into absolute psychos for a toy that gets discarded before your New Year toast, that popularity is doomed to…

The Culling 2 Released Into an Immediate, Week-Long Death Spiral

The era of instant Battle Royale success has already come and gone and it’s not the fault of fans of the genre. Back in 2016, the concept of a Hunger Games-style Battle Royale game was an engaging, exciting take on…

Fallout 76 Betas Begin This October

With Fallout 76 coming in just a few short months, it’s no small wonder Bethesda is gearing up to roll out their private beta for the latest entry in their long-running series.

Hoverboards, Switch Ports and New Worlds Revealed for Warframe at TennoCon

Warframe has reached a level of popularity that allows for a yearly convention much in the same vein as E3. While one caters more to the gaming press, TennoCon is very player-oriented and it certainly shows.

Everything We Know About Fallout 76

The tenth anniversary of Fallout 3 seems like it’ll come and go without a word, and for good reason: Fallout 76 is on the horizon.

Gaming & Business Headset Recommendations for 2018

When it comes to choosing a proper headset for gaming or your home business, you want to make sure you are selecting a quality headset that will last for many years to come.

Spyro the Dragon Soars Back to Xbox One, PS4 in Remastered Trilogy

It may have missed the Year of the Dragon, but a return to Insomniac’s Spyro the Dragon is another welcome addition to the age-old trend of making the old feel new again.