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YouTube Intensifies Efforts to Block Third-Party Ad Blockers

YouTube’s latest move in its ongoing campaign against ad blockers now affects mobile users who utilize third-party applications to watch videos without interruptions. As of Monday, YouTube has updated its policies to clarify that users employing such apps might face technical difficulties, including buffering and specific error messages indicating restricted content availability. In its commitment…

By Andrej Kovacevic 16th April 2024

ChatGPT Unlocks: Seamless Use Without Sign-In

OpenAI is revolutionizing access to its premier conversational AI, ChatGPT, by eliminating the need for user registration. This pivotal change allows even non-registered users to engage with ChatGPT, leveraging the same advanced model as those with accounts. This move, effective immediately in select regions and expanding globally, enables users to directly initiate conversations on…

By Andrej Kovacevic 1st April 2024

Apple User Alert: Rising Sophistication in Phishing Scams

Recent incidents have unveiled a sophisticated phishing scheme targeting Apple users, exploiting what seems to be a vulnerability within Apple’s password reset mechanism. Victims report an onslaught of system-level notifications on their Apple devices, effectively rendering the devices unusable until each prompt is addressed. This tactic, known as ‘push bombing’ or ‘MFA fatigue,’ overwhelms the…

By Andrej Kovacevic 29th March 2024

Apple to Usher in New Era of iPad Innovation with OLED Display and Expanded Lineup in May

In a strategic move set for early May, Apple is gearing up to unveil its latest series of iPad Pros, now incorporating OLED technology in their displays, based on insights from an analysis by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. This next generation of iPads is not only anticipated to bring about a significant leap in visual quality…

By Andrej Kovacevic 29th March 2024

Argentina’s Congress Passes Legislation to Regulate Virtual Wallets Impacting 10 Million Citizens

Advancing Crypto Regulation to Align with International Standards The Argentine Senate has granted final approval to legislation establishing a registry of Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) overseen by the National Securities Commission (CNV). This legislative move, affecting the operations of crypto exchanges and wallets, is aimed at meeting the minimum requirements outlined by the Financial…

By Andrej Kovacevic 22nd March 2024

A Guide to the Key Technologies in the Fight Against Climate Change

Right now, record-breaking heat and drought conditions have become the norm all across the world. It’s the first terrifying glimpse into our collective climate future. That is unless we find a way to avert the man-made climate crisis that’s rapidly closing in on us. The good news is that people from every corner of the…

By Andrej Kovacevic 1st September 2022

Forex Trading: Cloud Technology to Soar by 2025

Cloud technology is increasingly being used in foreign exchange trading, as more are trading remotely, and looking for an efficient and secure way of trading. Accelerated by the pandemic, its popularity is set to continue to increase in future years.

By Laura Polkinghorne 18th March 2021

Are You Ready for Dr. Alexa?

No one who grew up watching Star Trek would find the idea of a computer doctor insane. In fact, for most Trekkies, the idea of having a voice-activated holographic doctor on call all the time seems pretty cool. Is the AI-powered symptom checker for real? AI diagnoses are sometimes better for patients than for doctors.…

By Andrej Kovacevic 27th June 2019

Best IoT and Smart-Tech Products of 2019

The Internet of Thing (IoT) has become a pivotal instrument in both the private and commercial sectors. IoT technology is firmly rooted in all we do. With so many IoT products out there, it’s important to know which products actually add value to our lives. This article lays out the top IoT trends of 2019.…

By Philip Piletic 6th May 2019

Are Amazon Employees Listening to Your Conversations?

Around the world, tens of millions of people use Amazon’s ‘Echo’ line of the home assistant. Amazon has sold over 100 million devices. But, according to recent headlines, if you own one of these speakers, you could have your privacy invaded by Amazon’s employees. Is this true? A recent Bloomberg report revealed that Amazon employs…

By Ethan LeSage 19th April 2019

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