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Are Amazon Employees Listening to Your Conversations?

Around the world, tens of millions of people use Amazon’s ‘Echo’ line of the home assistant. Amazon has sold over 100 million devices. But, according to recent headlines, if you own one of these speakers, you could have your privacy invaded by Amazon’s employees. Is this true? A recent Bloomberg report revealed that Amazon employs…

By Ethan LeSage 19th April 2019

CES 2019: The Hottest Gadgets Featured at the Las Vegas Show

CES is the world’s biggest technology event, and 2019 was no different, with the Las Vegas show being privy to some of the biggest and most exciting gadgets from all your favourite manufacturers. From a gigantic TV that changes shape to a voice-controlled toilet, here are some of the best gadgets showcased at this year’s…

By Steph Freeman 8th February 2019

What Is Hyperloop and What Will It Do for You?

Elon Musk has announced that the first Hyperloop tunnel is almost completed. He claims that the tunnel will open to the public on Dec 10th. The super-fast train Musk and his company, “The Boring Company” has been promising this technological leap forward since 2013. Standing on the verge of its inception, there are still a…

By Andrej Kovacevic 30th October 2018

Is Verizon Really Offering 5G Home Internet Already?

While most of us are still trying to get our heads around the idea of 5G signal and when we might actually get it, Verizon shocked the world by launching a 5G home internet service. The problem is, with most experts saying that 5G was something we would all have to wait well into 2019…

By Steph Freeman 24th October 2018

The Big Announcements from the Google Pixel 3 Event

Google’s annual fall hardware event took place last week (Oct 9th) in New York, with the company unveiling its new phone and some intriguing new devices. Here’s the big news from the day.

By Steph Freeman 17th October 2018

Facebook Announces Portal for All Your Video Chatting Needs

In what looks to be a direct competitor to the Amazon Echo Show, Facebook have launched a new gadget called the Facebook Portal. Aimed at video chatting, the Facebook Portal will allow users to video chat with anyone who has Facebook, Facebook Messenger and even other Portal users. It will also stream music from Pandora…

By Steph Freeman 16th October 2018

Currys Launches Superheroine Campaign to Champion Women in STEM

In a bid to inspire more women to build careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) fields, Curry’s have launched a superb campaign that champions some of the greatest female minds in history.

By Steph Freeman 15th October 2018

Spotify to Add Personalised Songs to Popular Playlists

Spotify is a wonderful thing. Not only does it allow us to listen to all our favourite music for a small monthly subscription without needing to buy a particular artist’s music, but it also allows us to create hundreds of personalised playlists for every whim we have. May it be a study playlist, a cleaning…

By Steph Freeman 12th October 2018

App Security & How a Tech Failure Overshadowed a Political Party Conference

App security is one of those things that tends to get overlooked. Sometimes the developers get away with it and sometimes, such as this year’s Conservative Party Conference, they don’t. A security and data breach at the core of an app that had been designed specifically for the conference itself overshadowed a large chunk of…

By Andrej Kovacevic 6th October 2018

Sony to Release PlayStation Classic

Following in the footsteps of Nintendo with their mini versions of the classic NES and SNES, Sony have announced that a mini version of their original PlayStation will be released in time for Christmas this year. Dubbed the PlayStation Classic, this plug-in console will be 45 per cent smaller than its original console and will…

By Steph Freeman 1st October 2018

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