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Launching a Company in the Tech Age: 6 Tips to Follow

It’s no news that technology has drastically changed the landscape of business. In order to be successful, companies must now adapt their strategies to stay ahead of the curve. For entrepreneurs looking to launch a company in the tech age, this can be a daunting task. It’s important to have a solid understanding of the…

By Andrej Kovacevic 18th May 2022

Making Science Demonstrations Effective

The benefits of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education are vast and varied. It offers the next generation the chance to hone a wide scope of skills that will put them on the path to being able to pursue a career across a range of sectors. And the numbers are encouraging. According to data…

By Andrej Kovacevic 1st April 2022

Average Salary of Flutter Developer: A Comprehensive Guide

A flutter developer salary averages $110,500 per year in the United States, and they charge an average of $55.50 per hour. The salary of a flutter developer is influenced by many factors; however, the two prominent factors are demography and experience. A United States entry-level flutter app developer salary is $100,000 a year, while an…

By Andrej Kovacevic 21st March 2022

Top Software Development and Technology Trends for 2022

The latest trends in software development have undeniably contributed significantly to how we work, and these have had a significant influence on all aspects of life. With this in mind, we’ll be considering some of the current software development technology trends and looking at how these software development strategies have changed our approaches overall. The…

By Andrej Kovacevic 20th March 2022

4 Best Big Data Practices For Businesses

For more than a decade, it’s been apparent that big data holds the key to modern business success.

By Andrej Kovacevic 2nd March 2022

We Predict the Future of Software for 2022

New technologies, cross-platform development, and blockchain technology are just some of the trends that you should expect when it comes to software development for 2022. A careful understanding of these future trends will help developers create better, efficient, and more consumer-friendly software for different applications. Critical changes were necessary to allow businesses and consumers to…

By Pranjal Bora 25th January 2022

How AI is Helping Physical Retailers to Work Smarter

Having been challenged by the Covid crisis, store retailers are introducing Artificial Intelligence to their shop floors, at an unprecedented rate. Doing so in often surprising ways.

By Andrej Kovacevic 11th November 2021

How to Use Gamification for Employee Engagement

Employee gamification is a new concept in the pursuit of increased employee engagement. Is the use of game-like elements the way forward?

By Brenna Johnson 11th November 2021

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a B2B SaaS MVP (And Creating a Winning Product)

The B2B SaaS industry is growing at an astounding pace. But having an idea for a winning product isn’t enough to capture a piece of the pie. The first step to do that is to turn your idea into a minimum viable product (MVP). Here’s how it’s done.

By Andrej Kovacevic 25th October 2021

6 Automation Testing Challenges Today and Their Solutions

Automating your software tests presents many advantages. It can speed up many processes. However, challenges may also be present along the way. Here are some of those challenges and the solutions to them.

By Andrej Kovacevic 23rd August 2021

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