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Microsoft Flight Simulator is Back in The Skies: All You Need to Know about the 2020 Game Series

Guide Outline A Flashback to when Microsoft flight Simulator was firstly launched Microsoft flight Simulator 2020 Release Date How to Download Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Our Take A Flashback to when Microsoft Flight Simulator was First Launched Microsoft Flight Simulator makes our list of the oldest PC games that are still…

By Miracle Oyedeji 3rd September 2020

Mac vs. PC: Which Is Better for Gaming?

Today’s gamers have a choice of two great operating system standards in both Mac and Windows. Actually, these two platforms have made it hard for gaming fanatics to narrow down to just one choice. Which is the better platform? Well, the answer isn’t as precise as you may expect. Proponents of the two competing platforms…

By Cathy Trimidal 17th January 2020

Liquid Cooling Systems for Gaming Machines: A Guide to Overclocking and Keeping Things Cool

It wasn’t too long ago that PC-gaming enthusiasts had to invest in specialized water cooling systems to keep their powerful processors from overheating. Before that, gamers and anyone else operating computers with powerful CPUs either purchased secondary CPU fans or merely used a small portable fan. Liquid-cooling systems were developed to compensate for the inefficient,…

By Russell Fry 25th April 2019

How To Become a Game Streamer – Complete Guide

It’s the dream, isn’t it? To sit in front of your gaming PC or favoured console and get paid to play video games while avid fans watch your progress. Indeed, these days, big streamers such as Ninja and DrDisrespect are considered celebrities in their own rights, with thousands of viewers tuning into their streams daily.…

By Steph Freeman 4th February 2019

Fallout 76 Review: Country Roads, Take Me Literally Anywhere Else

With the release of Fallout 76, the ageing cracks in Bethesda’s facade of good intentions are showing worse than ever.

By Andrej Kovacevic 18th December 2018

A 2018 Guide to Boost Your Gaming PC

Whether you’ve had a gaming PC for years or you’ve just bought one, here are our top tips for boosting your PC and increasing your FPS.

By Steph Freeman 20th November 2018

How to Hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2

Unlike in other games like Skyrim, where hunting is just a nice way to pass the time and collect some resources for selling or decorating your home, in Red Dead Redemption 2 hunting is serious business. Here hunting is an essential part of the game; it keeps your camp fed, allows you to create talismans…

By Steph Freeman 6th November 2018

How to Win Call of Duty Blackout

If you’re a fan of the battle royale genre, then Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with its Blackout mode will feel like a gift from the gaming gods. It’s smooth, it’s precise and, most of all, it’s incredibly fun. So, it’s little wonder that the game is already breaking video gaming records as it…

By Steph Freeman 20th October 2018

Have You Noticed the Weird New Pokemon Appearing in Pokemon Go?

If you noticed a weird looking Pokemon running around Pokemon Go after this September’s Community Day event, then you weren’t alone. For around 30 minutes after the event, a never-before-seen little monster with a sort of golden nut head could be found in the wild and captured. If you did capture it, though, the unnamed…

By Steph Freeman 8th October 2018

Everything We Know about Red Dead Redemption 2 before Its Release

The release date for Red Dead Redemption 2 is now less than a month away, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions being released on October 26th and rumours of a PC version being released not too long after the consoles. Yet, apart from that and a few trailers, very little was known about Rockstar’s…

By Steph Freeman 4th October 2018

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