How to Get Hired as a Web Developer

Getting hired as a web developer can be as simple as following these five actionable strategies.

By Beau Peters 27th November 2020

How to Design a Long-Term Career Plan in Information Technology

Information technology has been one of the most popular career fields in the past decade. IT professionals earn up to 66% more in salary compared to other occupations. In the U.S., the number of workers in IT is now over 4.6 million. It is an essential function in every business regardless of size or industry…

By Jennifer Hong 2nd June 2020

Are You a Hardcore Tech Junky? A Tech Loot Guide to Pursuing a Tech Career

Experts throughout numerous fields of study are all echoing similar sentiments: if you want a solid career, tech-related industries are the best way to go. In this article, we at Tech Loot have mapped out a short, simple, yet concise guide to choosing, pursuing and entering a tech-related career. Silicon Valley is one of the…

By Philip Piletic 17th April 2019

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