Bitcoin’s Bold Journey: Predicted to Hit $150,000 by 2030

Projection: Bitcoin Could Soar to $150,000 by 2030 This premier digital asset is poised to be a significant player in the coming years. Over the last 18 months, Bitcoin (BTC – 1.16%) has witnessed a remarkable surge, escalating by 299% since early 2023. Although its ascent has moderated slightly, with a 6% drop from its…

By Andrej Kovacevic 27th May 2024

Nigeria’s SEC and the Future of Crypto Regulations

In May 2022, Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) introduced a comprehensive regulatory framework for virtual asset service providers, including digital asset exchanges. This framework required adherence to various laws and regulations to maintain market integrity, protect investors, and prevent financial crimes. Key mandates included the registration of digital asset exchanges, compliance with anti-money laundering…

By Andrej Kovacevic 22nd May 2024

Trump’s Crypto Pivot: A New Front in the Battle Against Biden

Crypto is Trump’s New Weapon Against Biden It’s the first time crypto has become an issue in the general election of a presidential race. Trump’s Appeal to Crypto Supporters Donald Trump is making presidential history once again: He’s poised to be the first major party nominee to court cryptocurrency traders. This move is leaving some…

By Andrej Kovacevic 16th May 2024

Two Compelling Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin Today

Two Compelling Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin Today In the ever-evolving world of digital finance, Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) remains a beacon of volatility and potential. Over the past two months, it has yet again demonstrated its rapid price fluctuations. After soaring to a new all-time high of $73,750 in mid-March, it dramatically retreated below $57,000…

By Andrej Kovacevic 9th May 2024

Bitcoin Halving: Why I’m Buying Now

As dusk settled on April 19, the much-anticipated halving event for Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) unfolded. Across the globe, cryptocurrency enthusiasts are celebrating a pivotal moment that historically heralds the onset of a new bull market phase for Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s Built-In Monetary Blueprint It’s not widely recognized that Bitcoin emerged in response to the 2008 financial…

By Andrej Kovacevic 28th April 2024

DWS Debuts Innovative Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs on Deutsche Boerse

WS has ventured into the realm of cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs), unveiling two innovative strategies that mirror the performance of the leading cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum. These newly introduced Xtrackers Galaxy Bitcoin ETC Securities (XXBT) and Xtrackers Galaxy Ethereum ETC Securities (XETH) have made their debut on the Deutsche Boerse. They come with an attractive…

By Andrej Kovacevic 5th April 2024

Impending Expiry of $15B in Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Sparks Market Interest

As we approach the end of the quarter, the crypto market braces for a significant event with $15 billion in Bitcoin and Ethereum options poised to expire this Friday, March 29th. Deribit, a premier options trading platform, is at the forefront, with plans to close out Bitcoin options contracts valued at $9.5 billion, alongside Ethereum…

By Andrej Kovacevic 29th March 2024

Bitcoin Halving: When Will it Occur and What’s its Significance for the Price?

As Bitcoin’s valuation skyrockets, the cryptocurrency community eagerly anticipates the approaching ‘halvening’ event, sparking debates over its impact on the market surge. Depending on one’s standpoint, the halvening is either a pivotal juncture, solidifying Bitcoin’s standing as a prized digital asset due to its escalating rarity, or dismissed as a mere technical maneuver hyped by…

By Andrej Kovacevic 14th March 2024

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