The Big Changes Big Data Is Making To Recruitment

Business owners have to deal with lots of jargon in their everyday lives. One piece of terminology which has grown in popularity in the past five years is “big data.” This is a reference to the information companies can collect,…

6 Simple Reasons Your Business Must Have an App

It’s 2018, and there’s an app for just about everything. If your business doesn’t have an app, then it’s fair to say you’re probably behind. Of course, not every single business needs an app. Some business’ get on just fine…

Modern Technology Has Changed How Businesses Work Today…But Is It Always a Good Thing?

In today’s society, it’s hard to imagine running any business without the basics of technology. And by basic, we mean such things as computer systems, including the advantages of a wifi connection, with the means to utilise email and social…

Amidst Security Concerns, Verizon Suffers Major Data Breach

In yet another leak of customer information that should surprise approximately no one, Verizon has proven negligent in its consumer safety with a major loss of consumer data.

SD-WAN for Business [Infographic]

Software-defined wide area networking (or SD-WAN, for short) is a market that is growing at a frenetic pace, with the total value of the market projected to exceed $1 billion in the next couple of years.