Why Businesses Need Artificial Intelligence [Infographic]

Whether we might like it or not, the world of artificial intelligence has well and truly arrived. Also known as AI, there are reasons to believe that it will be a big game changer as far as the future is concerned. It will help in driving businesses to new levels and heights of efficiency because…

By Andrej Kovacevic 10th April 2018

2018’s Most Exciting Smartphone Developments and Releases

It’s almost time to start looking into what phones you should be excited about in the next few months.

By Andrej Kovacevic 20th March 2018

AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs Can Fund Themselves: Future-Friendly Cryptomining With Your CPU

The AMD Threadripper series of CPUs are showing promise in the realm of mining and have already drawn interest from HardOCP after being queried by AMD directly.

By Andrej Kovacevic 20th February 2018

Tech Heroes: Innovation for the Modern Era

For every story of an entrepreneur finding success after hardship, there are dozens of stories of bright young hopefuls who met failure and were dissuaded from pursuing their dreams.

By Andrej Kovacevic 18th December 2017

How Has Mobile Technology Affected Us Through the Ages?

We’ve all been through—or at least know someone who has — telephone behaviour that many of us would consider rude and insulting.

By Andrej Kovacevic 14th November 2017

Is Your Living Room Big Enough for SteamVR Tracking 2.0?

According to Valve, SteamVR Tracking 2.0 will be able to support a whopping 33-by-33 foot area and it is set to come out in early 2018.

By Andrej Kovacevic 3rd November 2017

AMD Shipping AMD Ryzen 5 1600/X CPUs With 8 Working Cores

A production batch of Ryzen 5 CPUs sourced from Malaysia has reportedly worked on par with Ryzen 7 1800X CPUs.

By Andrej Kovacevic 25th October 2017

Dell Inspiron 7000 Gaming Laptop Gets the GTX 1060 4K Upgrade

If you have been looking around for a pretty nice midrange laptop to game on, you might want to have a look at Dell’s Inspiron 7000 gaming series.

By Russell Fry 4th October 2017

CPUs Frying: Most Recent Gigabyte X370 Motherboard BIOS Might Damage Your CPU

If you keep up with regular BIOS releases, you may want to skip out on the latest wave for a few more days.

By Andrej Kovacevic 10th September 2017

AMD Outsells Intel for the First Time in a Decade

For the first time in a decade, AMD has pulled ahead of Intel in terms of raw sales.

By Andrej Kovacevic 4th September 2017

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