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Scottish tech-enthusiast with a passion for all things gaming, gadgety and geeky.
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How to Legally Download Movies and Watch Them Offline

Looking for a movie to watch on your next journey? You can download and watch movies offline legally using these streaming apps.

By Steph Freeman 20th March 2020

How to Change the Background of a Photograph in Photoshop

Are your holiday photos looking dull? Well, make them better by changing up the background using these simple Photoshop steps.

By Steph Freeman 10th March 2020

Is Your MacBook Trackpad Not Working? Here are Some Troubleshooting Tips to Help You Out

Is your MacBook trackpad playing up? Perhaps it’s being erratic or simply not working at all. Well, to help you out, here are the top troubleshooting tips for fixing your trackpad.

By Steph Freeman 13th February 2020

Is Your Mac Feeling Slow? Here Are 8 Easy Tips and Tricks to Have Your Mac Running Like New Again

A slow computer is enough to drive anyone mad, so to make your Mac feel as fast as it was new, we will take you through 8 easy tips to speed your Mac up.

By Steph Freeman 11th February 2020

How to Permanently Delete Your Social Media Presence: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Want to delete your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Tech Loot guides you through everything you need to know.

By Steph Freeman 6th February 2020

CES 2019: The Hottest Gadgets Featured at the Las Vegas Show

CES is the world’s biggest technology event, and 2019 was no different, with the Las Vegas show being privy to some of the biggest and most exciting gadgets from all your favourite manufacturers. From a gigantic TV that changes shape to a voice-controlled toilet, here are some of the best gadgets showcased at this year’s…

By Steph Freeman 8th February 2019

How To Become a Game Streamer – Complete Guide

It’s the dream, isn’t it? To sit in front of your gaming PC or favored console and get paid to play video games while avid fans watch your progress. Indeed, these days, big streamers such as Ninja and DrDisrespect are considered celebrities in their own rights, with thousands of viewers tuning into their streams daily.…

By Steph Freeman 4th February 2019

A 2018 Guide to Boost Your Gaming PC

Whether you’ve had a gaming PC for years or you’ve just bought one, here are our top tips for boosting your PC and increasing your FPS.

By Steph Freeman 20th November 2018

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Professional Camera

True, new and better smartphones are released yearly by tech giants such as Apple, Samsung, and Google. However, even with a few extra megapixels, what does it take to turn your smartphone into a professional camera that will ensure you have the best photographs to upload to Instagram? With all the leaps and bounds we’ve…

By Steph Freeman 14th November 2018

How to Hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2

Unlike in other games like Skyrim, where hunting is just a nice way to pass the time and collect some resources for selling or decorating your home, hunting is serious business in Red Dead Redemption 2. Here hunting is an essential part of the game; it keeps your camp fed, allows you to create talismans…

By Steph Freeman 6th November 2018

How to Avoid Facebook Scams

For many of us, having a social media account is essential. It lets us keep in touch with family and friends, shows off our trips to the gym or holidays and even lets us create our own online personas of who we’d like to be seen as. Indeed, in our current society, to not have…

By Steph Freeman 2nd November 2018

Is Verizon Really Offering 5G Home Internet Already?

While most of us are still trying to get our heads around the idea of 5G signal and when we might actually get it, Verizon shocked the world by launching a 5G home internet service. The problem is, with most experts saying that 5G was something we would all have to wait well into 2019…

By Steph Freeman 24th October 2018

How to Win Call of Duty Blackout

If you’re a fan of the battle royale genre, then Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with its Blackout mode will feel like a gift from the gaming gods. It’s smooth; it’s precise and, most of all, it’s incredibly fun. So, it’s little wonder that the game is already breaking video gaming records as it…

By Steph Freeman 20th October 2018

The Big Announcements from the Google Pixel 3 Event

Google’s annual fall hardware event took place last week (Oct 9th) in New York, with the company unveiling its new phone and some intriguing new devices. Here’s the big news from the day.

By Steph Freeman 17th October 2018

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